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First time

I remember the first concert that I ever went to see. When I was a kid I worshiped Nirvana but I was too young to ever see them play live. The first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit it was like my eyes were opened. I was at my friend Steve's house and he had just gotten Nevermind and he was all worked up and like "dude you need to hear this" so he put it on. As soon as I hear the band open up in SLTS I was totaly into it. I had to go get that CD and then others. I wanted to hear what other people had done too. What lead up to Nirvana, I needed to hear that.

Anyway that was the ablum that got me into music hardcore. My first concert was STP in 2000. I went with my cousins who were about 6 years older. I had to work to convince to my parents to let me go. I had saved up for months to buy a ticket and still had to borrow money from my dad. I was way into STP and listened to Core all the time. It drove my sister nuts (don't you listen to anything but the same shit all the time!?!?)

We arrived at the concert and my cousins met up with some of their friends in the parking lot. That was the first time a got to participate in an "attitude adjustment" (You're supposed to hold it in for a minute! What a waste! Do it right this time!!) It was like a giant party. I was in heaven.

I don't remember who the opening band was, I don't think I hated them. But finally the moment came and STP came on. At some point I remember standing there engulfed in the roar, just a wall of fucking sound, the band, the crowd, it was awesome. I thought to myself I never new music could be so awesome, I was transported to this other world of sound.

Does anyone else have a similar experience? Those first experiences that woke you up to music?
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