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1st Post

Alright, I started this community because I have finally had it. I tried for years to listen to classical music. I took a music appreciation course my freshman year in college. I take my grandmother to the symphony once or twice a year. The last time as we were walking up to the hall a car pulled up at a light playing "Paradise City". Some older man walking next to us wondered how people could listen to noise like that. Fucker....GNR may not be the greatest band in the world but that is a pretty classic song.

Speaking of older people, I am always one of the youngest people there! It looks like Q-Tips sticking up over the back of every fucking seat. And they all act so pompous like "we are being enriched". People who are interested in modern music are "ignorant". Because if you want to be cultured you have to listen to classical music. I'm not exactly a blinking moron. I'm am almost through with my masters in English Lit. No one I go to school with is interested in classical music. I work in a book store where they play classical music all day on the book side. But in the music department they never do. Let me repeat that - THEY NEVER PLAY CLASSICAL MUSIC IN THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT. Some days it is a nice mix back there. I'm, stuck out in fucking classical world though. I'm sure they play it because they think that serious intellectual people only listen to classical. Well fuck that.

So, I'm through. The shit is terminally boring. It is just old muzak. People need to grow and evolve not sit in some museum listening to boring, meaningless music. They need to experience the creativity of people in this time.

I started this community to vent my frustration and for people like me. People who think that they have serious minds but never could get classical music. Its time to come out of the closet and be proud about the music we love. So don't bother telling me I'm ignorant. I've tried again and again. There is just nothing to appreciate here.
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