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You are so right

I saw this community and had to join. I could never get in to classical music. I like a little bit of Jazz. Here at my school they spend MY MONEY to bring in all kinds of bullshit music. Almost no students go to most of the events at Jorgensen. Sometimes the audience is like a fucking nursing home convention, canes, walkers, oxygen tanks, hearing aids. Maybe a quarter of the audience will be students, and many of them have to go for a class.

They think that they are promoting culture with this stuff, but they should try promoting culture with modern music instead of the string quartet that is playing somewhere here tonight. What the hell?? If almost no students go to hear the music unless they have to, what does it matter how much culture you're trying to promote? The school should expose students to all kinds of music. The idea that one kind of music is superior or more important than another is outdated bullshit.

Currently I am listening to:

The Pixies

System of a Down's music is as creative and intense as anything anybody ever did. EVER. In my humble opinion.

I hope some other people join.
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